Gallery of Hopes & Dreams

Burnie Community House in conjunction with utp and as part of the Ten Days on the Island Festival opened the Gallery of Hopes and Dreams on Friday March 5th.

An outdoor gallery of bold and original murals made with residents of Shorewell Park. As we turn our back on a challenging pandemic year, these artworks look to the future and express the community’s hopes and dreams in vivid colour and text.

Guided tours were offered over the March long weekend with local residents telling the story of how the murals come about.

With all of the murals located in the heart of Shorewell Park on Wiseman Street, 2 at the shopping complex and 8 at Burnie Community House, you can enjoy them at your own leisure. Please feel free to visit.

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Open Heat Meditation - An invitation to relax

Open Heart Meditation has recommenced at Burnie Community House.

Open Heart Meditation Lotus Flower

It’s well documented the health benefits of meditation.  Have you ever given it a go??  It can certainly be a hard skill to learn but one worth persevering for. There are many styles of mediation and one size does certainly not fit all.

Burnie Community House has a group mediation session occurring every Friday at 1.30pm.  This meditation is called Open Heart Meditation and is a sitting meditation.  It is coordinated by Dianne who had this to say:

“I started my Open Heart path in May 2017 and got so much benefit that I felt to talk to Tracy about holding it at the House.  We started in July 2018 and 20 people have attended over that time.  

 "Open Heart Meditation is a remarkably simple, yet effective, heart-based practice that is centred on 'feeling', making this practice purely experiential.

 Open Heart Meditation has helped many people reduce their stress-levels a lot, and to heal on a deep, internal level, enabling them to cope much better emotionally and allow the natural healing process to occur much faster.

In addition, this practice is universal and non-denominational.  It encourages respect for all beliefs."

Irmansyah Effendi now has a YouTube channel where anyone can join Open Heart Meditation at any time.  Duration is approximately 20 minutes.” 

Heart Meditation is easy to learn, effective and often gives instant results.  It is guided and completed sitting.  If you would like to join Open Heart Mediation, please give the House a call on 6433 3219.

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