Know the Risks - Take Control 2nd edition

Recently we launched the 2nd edition of Know the Risks - Take Control.

A family friendly resource book about outlining the side effects and risks of addictive substances, information and support available within north-west Tasmania.  Proudly designed and developed by community, we envisage the book to be a great conversation starter for parents and children alike from the age of 8 up.

To obtain a copies, free of charge, for your local group, organistaion, school, or home please call 64333219 or call in to the House at 24 Wiseman Street, Shorewell Park.

The book can be accessed online here.


Photo credit: Karen Pettit

The recent launch of the book in October

Launch Know the Risks Take Control 2nd edition

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November Calendar

An updated calendar for those that have been checking us out via our website.  Please feel free to get in touch with any questions regarding our programs and activities.  OR if you happen to have a skill you would like to share, lets see what we can do together.

Please click here to view calendar.

Please click here to view a short description of activities.


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Monthly Calendar

We haven't shared one of theses in a LONNNGGGG time.  Here is our latest monthly calendar for July 2021.  Please get in touch if you have any questions about and programs and activities.  
PMonthly Calendar July 21lease refer to the "WHAT WE DO" page for a brief description of them all.
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