The Marvelous Multicap Garden Group

Hi all, Darren Hardy and Jason Wells came to the farm Tuesday and planted a lot of pumpkin seedlings. They loosened the soil, fertilized and planted. They done a fantastic job. Jane was wonderful in showing them what to do. It was a beautiful day and everything is growing so nicely on the farm. The clients like being there and everybody there is very friendly towards them. It has been a while since I posted some pictures of the farm. Above: Getting the soil ready for planting. Braking up the clumps.

Fertilizing, feeding the soil.

Pumpkin seedlings ready for planting.

Seedlings into the soil.

They planted many rows of pumpkin seedlings.

Darren took this picture of me and Jason by the lady in a bath full of mint. They named her Esther because our clients think she looks like me.