Gardening after the Holidays

David, Jason and Jacob were amazed at how much everything has grown since before Christmas. Today they weeded and pulled out plants which almost went to seeds. They pushed the wheelbarrow to the compost heaps and emptied it, old lettuces flying threw the air. They had a look at the pumpkin seedlings they planted and spotted many pumpkins growing.

Jason and Jacob had a go had using the fork to loosen the ground and pull the old crops  out.

It's very dry so the sprinkler was going today

David in the hothouse among the giant tomatoes.

Jason and Jacob think it's great!

Sometimes beans can be mistaken for weeds. "No worries, we plant some more seeds," said Jane.

Jason is such a hard worker and loves spending time in the garden. This time he was too quick for me.

We all had to laugh about it. He looks very pleased with the work he did today