Kayla's Good News Story

Over the past few months I have overcome many obstacles I’ve had trouble dealing with in the past, and all credit goes the wonderful people who are associated with the Burnie Community House.

Before becoming a part of the kitchen and the team up at the house, I suffered severely from anxiety. Not wanting to participate in any social activities, not wanting to put myself out in to the world or associate with anything outside of my own comfort zone.

On my own merits, I chose to participate and volunteer my time working at the house as a kitchen hand, and I’m so happy that I did. Being a part of the Community House family has changed me a hell of a lot as a person and has given me so much more confidence to put my best foot forward and find my place in the world. Although, I could not have done it without the encouragement and fantastic support from Shandel, Tracy and the team I work with. They are so welcoming, accepting, kind, supportive, encouraging, professional and considerate.

Being involved with such a fantastic bunch of people has changed many aspects of my life and without them I’d still be stuck in the same rut I was many months ago. I’ve become less anxious and more confident, I have found a career path that I am committed to and enjoy, I have made lifelong friends that I’m very thankful for and most importantly I feel like I finally belong.

This experience has become one I hope to be a part of for many more days, months, even years to come. I appreciate each and every one of the wonderful people at the Community House, also including regular customers, for accepting me and making me become the more confident person I am today.